the saddest novel

The saddest, most heartbreaking novel in the world is William Maxwell’s So Long, see you tomorrow.  Carefully and beautifully written, it soaks into your soul with its gradual, total tragedy.  It should come with a health warning: don’t read it late at night, or if you are feeling low already.

Superlatives such as ‘saddest’ are logically tricky beasts, and I’m sure you are trying to think of sadder books (sorry to have dumped that on you) but yes, I too have read Black Beauty, and most of E. Annie Proulx, and my claim stands.

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2 Responses to “the saddest novel”

  1. Avril Says:

    They Came Like Swallows works hard to compete with saddest book…and I am currently reading Time Will Darken It which has implications that it is also going to be the saddest book. What will I do when I have read all of William Maxwell? And how did I get to be this age without knowing about him until recently? Hooray for who has introduced me to so many new authors.

  2. albertine Says:

    aha – that sounds like a useful reference – must follow it up.

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