on, on!!

Well now – there’s been a long gap, but here I am, back at last.  I wonder whether I’ve been avoiding writing the next pieces: they involve some tricky stuff, and I want to get it right.  Talking to an earthquake survivor; leaving Nelson (and therefore New Zealand); arriving in Canberra; spending time with my one identifiable reader.  What’s more she is a wonderful blogger (Scary thought –  she’ll read about herself in my blog. Hi there Walküre!!)  But if I don’t write up all this, for good or ill, I won’t feel as if I can go on to anything else.  At least we are still in the same year – only many months late.

Enough of this wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Enough of this cowardly navel-gazing.  On, on!

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2 Responses to “on, on!!”

  1. valkyrie1 Says:

    Dac has been asking when you’re going to get up to us. :-O

    I’m impressed that you’re coming back to your account of the journey. So much teaching and marking and travelling since.

    • albertine Says:

      getting up to you – that’s what I’m afraid of. I might do it badly, get it wrong, offend you terminally. I know these things won’t happen – but I’m still scared of writing about the very people who might actually read this stuff!
      But I do keep (some) notes – so it’s not entirely from memory. Luckily.

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