Pubs in Whitby

I’m still playing catch-up with this blog.  Wonder why I am so determined?

– Back in the UK – late spring of 2011:  Will finished at uni in Hull, and I collected him and all his belongings for the last time.  Rancid sheets and greyish towels loosely rolled together; black binliners of odd socks and much-worn pants; the unwieldy black metal skeleton of a partly disassembled drumkit; the only slightly broken laptop; boxes of books the easiest to pack.  We went for a weekend out in Whitby on our way home – I suppose it was a celebration, and an exploration, and a pilgrimage to the tiny harbour that Captain Cook set off from to sail the vast and unmapped seas of the world.  This wasn’t a particularly attractive project for my twenty-two year-old son, but the Abbey, the Goths and the Bram Stokeriana had their own magnetism.  And Will was, as ever, open to new experiences, to landscape and to beauty.  He is perennially surprised by this aspect of himself – I guess he forgets about it inbetween times.

We stayed at The Resolution Hotel (very cheaply) in long-decayed grandeur, more recently slapped up in squared-off concrete as a beery local.  The dusty stair carpets smelt of stag nights.  Even so, a pub named after Cook’s ship was the place to be, and the real Resolution had ventured into the Antarctic, in search of a Great South Land.

Most of the pubs were shut or decaying, or seedy, unambitiously offering cheap beer.  Their no-frills atmosphere skulked through the streets.  But their names soared with ambition:

The Endeavour (of course – Cook’s ship: the real Endeavour had, after all, been a cheap compromise: a tub of a vessel, allocated by a stingy bureaucracy, only to achieve some of the most imaginative feats of the century: )

The Wellington

The Dolphin “Rebuilt 1912”

The Golden Lion

The Buck Inn (Julie Widdowfield, licensee)

The Jolly Sailors

The Rock Inn

Lucky Ducks

White Horse and Griffin

Black Horse

The Board Inn (“Downstairs restaurant with harbour views.  Booking required.”)

The Duke of York

The Granby

The Elsinore

The Little Angel


and (leaving town) – The Cross Butts touchingly offers: “Whitby wishes you a safe journey home

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2 Responses to “Pubs in Whitby”

  1. Seeph Says:

    Spent new year’s up there this year, don’t think I have ever seen such a concentration of pubs in such a small area. Personally I loved it. Tended to prefer those on the West Side, there were some proper homely little numbers over there – roaring fires, dogs welcome, that sort of thing. Would go again.

    • albertine Says:

      yep – we liked it too. Sorry if the description sounded down-beat. There are also some wonderful coffee-shops with good names – but the pub names really stood out for me. I think there were even more, that I saw before I started noting them down.

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