trees at the barn growing up

A while ago, in 2009, I blogged about the trees at our barn in the Berry.  Here are three of them in 2013.

 Cedar of Lebanon

Cedar of Lebanon

The cedar was one of the first trees we planted, back in 2001.  She has had some adventures – first she was seriously chewed by deer (Andrew put protective chicken wire around all the young trees after that).  Then she had to be moved to allow a drainage ditch to be dug around the perimeter – we weren’t even sure she would survive that one.  In fact the tree hardly seemed to notice the move at all.

the Larch

the Larch

Another of the 2001 planting.  This one suffered much more from the deer, and the trunk you see here was in fact just a small branch to begin with.  The original trunk died off completely.  Apart from that, every year has seen progress.

Red Oak

Red Oak

This one has only been in the ground here for a couple of years – planted maybe 2009?  It started slowly.  The leaves turn a beautiful red-brown in Autumn.  Ironically, back home in Leamington the red oaks are being systematically removed from the local park (the Leam Valley Local Nature Reserve) because they are non-natives.  It seems a little late – and incoherent – to be pulling up the drawbridge now.

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One Response to “trees at the barn growing up”

  1. Roger Says:

    Hi Jill. Finally managed to locate your blog. Enjoyed your art gallery story! Glad the trees are making progress.
    Are you in France now? Roger and Jean. Xx

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