Some sights of Canberra

We are used to seeing the beautiful side of Canberra.  Of course, there is another side right next door which is either dark, or incongruous, or both. But always interesting and sometimes charming.

Big trucks - more like the US than like Britain.

Big trucks – more like the US than like Britain.

We parked in Fyshwick – Canberra’s industrial suburb, where you go for computer repairs, car wreckers and such like.  For knitting wool, though, you go to Spotlight, over the border in Queanbeyan.  (That’s in the foreign border territory of New South Wales.)

Annabel has wonderful local knowledge.  She knows, for example, that there is a great coffee shop in Fyshwick:  Dream Cuisine.

luxurious lunches

luxurious lunches and pastries

Koala Tea blog has reviewed the tea.

It is thriving – local workers pop in for lunch, but so do the cognoscenti of Canberra.

glowing pastries - always different

glowing pastries – always different

And it has been written up in the papers:

in the paper - it won't be a secret for long!

in the paper – it won’t be a secret for long!

Opposite, however, is a symbol of how Australians perceive their economy.

2014-05-02 02.37.59

And a thought-provoking name for a business:


‘Trojan Hospitality’ it said – a bit hard to see here, but the red lettering stood out in real life.

It should be reassuring, as long as you remember that the Trojans were disastrously hospitable towards the horse the Greeks sent them.  But we do tend to think that  the Trojan Horse  represents betrayal.  (Would you stay at the Dunsinane Bed and Breakfast, run by Mr and Mrs Macbeth?  Then again, Leamington boasts a street called Banquo Approach.  It’s a more desirable address than you might expect.)

On another day we went to visit Brian, who lives on a farm with his three dogs.  He showed us a trick in which they jump into his bed.

into, onto - happy dogs.

into, onto – happy dogs.

A real farm, but just not his.

a puzzling sign in Adelaide

a shiny tractor and lovely pigs – like illustrations in a kiddies’ book

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5 Responses to “Some sights of Canberra”

  1. valkyrie1 Says:

    Look at those cognoscenti of Canberra! 🙂 I clicked on that photo and it became almost life-sized, so I clicked on the one of Brian and the doggos as well. Lovely!

  2. albertine Says:

    So glad! We are having pasta and sauce tonight.

  3. albertine Says:

    I’m adding them from Dropbox, which is way out of my control. That may make a difference to the quality of the photos.

  4. Merle Newman Says:

    i enjoyed being reminded of Fyshwik markets-where we used to go for food of every kind-in the seventies!always a city close to my heart!Merle

  5. two signs in Adelaide | Jill's Blog Says:

    […] Reading, walking and musing « Some sights of Canberra […]

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