a little more from Les Murray

Choosing and transcribing these poems by Les Murray makes me very happy.  There will be more.  (The collection is called Conscious and Verbal.)

from Five Postcards

Having run herself up out of
plush, the white-cheeked wallaby
sits between her haunches
like an old country tailor behind
her outstretched last yard, her tail,
and hems it with black fingers.


The kitchens of this 18th century
Oxford college are ten metres high
by the squinch-eyed cooks basting
tan birds spiked in hundreds all over
the iron griddle before hellfire.
Below high lozengy church windows
others flour, fill, pluck. And this too
was the present once, that absolute of fools.

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2 Responses to “a little more from Les Murray”

  1. Merle Newman Says:

    thank you for these wonderful poems,Albertine.i enjoy all your work.Makes my day!Mum

  2. Woman walking Max Says:

    Les Murray creates these amazing ‘cameos’ – like miniature portraits of scene, a mood, an activity. Both the poem about the wallaby and the 18th century oxford college are there in your imagination. So glad to have been introduced to his work. More please !

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