Some Things I Forgot to Bring on Holiday

– at the Barn in Central France

  • a hairbrush
  • antihistamine tablets
  • my Epi-pen
  • insect repellent
  • moisturiser and hand cream
  • stickers for the car headlights
  • my little French dictionary
  • those two DVDs from the rental company, left at home on top of the telly

Some of these matter more than others.  There was a wasp in the kitchen just now, for example, which did make me think of the epipen.  Then again, I’ve bought some remarkably expensive antihistamines at the Pharmacie – so expensive, and so strong, I hardly care to use them.  Which proves I never needed them in the first place.

Gary, my kind NHS counsellor, says I put myself down too much, so here are:

Some Things I’m Glad I Remembered to Bring

  • binoculars
  • swimsuits
  • cash
  • courage
  • better command of spoken French than in previous years
  • chargers for the laptop and the mobile (yes – sometimes people forget those!)
  • enough pairs of shoes – in my case four, not counting flipflops which are already here.
  • last week’s Saturday Guardian (23rd July).  (Unbeatable articles by Hadley Freeman and Tim Thingummy)
  • my dog, Bandit (never at risk, actually, as he knows when I’m packing)

Now I’ve thought of Another Category

Things I’m Glad that Others Brought

  • last week’s New Statesman (brought by Michael).  I think I’ll start taking the NS regularly.
  • themselves – Mike, Anna, Holly and Raf
  • the game of Botticelli – haven’t played it in years, and never so well as the other evening


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6 Responses to “Some Things I Forgot to Bring on Holiday”

  1. Jean Says:

    Yikes! I’m worried about the missing Epipen – hope your command of French will allow you to forbid any marauding local wasps to come near you. Sois prudente ….

  2. albertine Says:

    Je le serais. Merci. I’ve made it so far, and, as I often say, it’s been a full enough life. I don’t mind when I go.

  3. Woman walking Max Says:

    Love your lists, so droll and thoughtful – like a story in themselves. You could leave saucers of jam, located far from you to lure les wasps francaise ?

    • albertine Says:

      Maybe the compost heap serves that function. There was fabulous big hornet on it yesterday. Really glad you get the point of the lists!

  4. valkyrie1 Says:

    Helen and I enjoyed this post. Here I am in the wilds of the Cygnet region, wondering what I’ve forgotten. I only brought one pair of shoes. It would have been nice to have Wellie boots in this rainy place, but I’ve never owned a pair – they just won’t fit.

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