Lost things

Some things I have lost over the past year.
Or perhaps I should say, some things whose loss I have detected

my brand new mobile phone.  In its purple case.(stolen from my house on Thursday – my own fault for being trusting) I guess it is the prompt for this post.

my (I don’t know what you call them) togs was our term as kids. Maybe it’s a Queensland word; or New South Welsh. The clothes you wear to go swimming. Some people call them swimmers, or bathers, or a swimsuit. – Mine are not really lost: I just left them behind at Southam swimming pool on Thursday afternoon (not long before finding out about the stolen phone). So when I phoned the reception desk to ask if they (it?) had been picked up, I had no words that the man there could understand. He got it finally – ‘Ah!’ he said ‘costume.’ I had lost my costume, or cossie, I now remember hearing other children say.

two dog leads (maybe three?) – I begin to lose count. Now I’m using the least desirable one, a short one made of green webbing. Then I tied a piece of rope to the end to lengthen it, and it suddenly feels super special and satisfying to use. You can get a good grip on the rope.

the ice scraper for the car (maybe it fell out? I keep it in the door, so it’s quite vulnerable to falling out). Grey plastic, and a bit broken, but it worked ok.  I haven’t replaced it: I’m finding that a credit card or the edge of a CD box works pretty well. I’m looking forward to using other random objects that happen to be in the car when I need them.

three brand new books, bought at Browsers in Porthmadog, and still in their neat paper bag. (Two late collections by Terry Pratchett and one book whose name I have forgotten). Must have left the bag somewhere; or put it somewhere . . .


Had to buy another copy for Will


Browsers Bookshop, Porthmadog

Nicholson’s Guides to the canal system. I had several (two to the Grand Union, one to the Oxford Canal) – now I only have the Birmingham one.


endlessly useful and entertaining!

No idea where they went – but that leads me to . . .

a substantial list of objects damaged and stolen by burglars on my canal boat in August. I’m not going to re-visit that!!! Goddamn the scallies.

the manual for my lovely Volvo, not to mention the booklet with its service history stamps, all the way from 2005 – maybe it’s still at the garage??

the battle to stop Alumno from building a monstrous student residence on the canal path. They tore up the trees without a second thought.  They’re calling these big dormitories  ‘PBSAs’ now – Purpose Built Student Residences – not to be confused with the PDSA, the much more laudable People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, which treats poor people’s pets for free.


Under construction: from Court Street.  It is HUGE.  The photo doesn’t do it anything like justice.

my courage with locks. Not Yale-type locks, but canal locks. I was always wary, but now I’m terrified. You can die, falling into a lock.  I’m selling the boat, by the way.

a pair of brown leather gloves. They were lovely gloves: I had them for riding, back before I lost my courage for horses. I was mixing them up in my mind with a different pair of brown leather gloves, a bit too big for me, which I think I found in the first place. So I suppose it’s fair if they’ve gone back into the whirlpool of small items of clothing, sifting their way through the world from one owner to another. I did like them, though.


brown gloves just visible – Rhyd yr Eirin – Wales

the black woolly hat with NYC on the front. Another thing I didn’t buy – it was left behind in the house years ago by some schoolfriend of Will’s, but really soft and comfortable. Most of my woolly hats would seem to be temporary residents. (You don’t need a picture of that – everybody knows what they look like.)

two cheap plastic, but very effective, vegetable peelers (vanished really recently). One yellow and one white: now I just have the green one left. How can I have had three for years and years, and now suddenly only one?


green plastic peeler


less adequate peelers – the red handled one is all bendy; the wooden one is quite good at coring apples.


This is a discouraging post – I’m going to stop and write something better.

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5 Responses to “Lost things”

  1. Alex Says:

    I can offer a suggestion to the potato peelers, yellow and white are both the colours of potato peelings – I lost quite a few of those colours before buying a striking bright blue one. The number of times I saw at the last minute that my bright blue peeler was going into the bin gave me a clue as to the fate of those that had gone before.

  2. excessionoz Says:

    Yikes. You should replace the easily replaceable things. The nice gloves, vegetable peelers, and ice-scrapers. You’ve got a new phone (don’t be so trusting next time), and your boat, well, it served its purpose and will continue to give its prospective owners pleasure and pain in various amounts.

    Some of this is mindfulness — perhaps you need a system to augment your memory, a little diary, or an Evernote app where you can jot down notes on multiple devices (phone, laptop, desktop, tablet) but have them all in the same place.

    Mostly I sympathize for your various losses and misadventures, and I’m sure you can fix those things you’ve identified without having to do any worrying about ‘spilt milk’.

  3. Jean Says:

    Oh dear, what a sad catalogue of loss. I feel a bit guilty about your Cossie – I should have reminded you after swimming that Thursday….

  4. Woman walking Max Says:

    Your list has an elegiac feel to it, I think. A roll call of beloved things that have gone their separate ways. Hope their places will be filled with other things. Agree that windscreen scrapers live a precarious life in the car !

  5. Merle Newman Says:

    darling girl,my heart bleeds for all those lost things!dont forget its two-way,and they are wondering where they left you!The purple phone case was once Dads,i think.i dont know the others-they might have belonged toships that pass in the night.i’m sorry you are selling the Knot so Fast-maybe time though.we’re having heat-wave after heat-wave-stinging heat outside and constant aircon inside-while you are scraping ice off your car,i’m becoming bored with unrelenting blue skies,and one-wear,one wash togs!looking forward to seeing you,when you come.i do hope youre well,and the memory thing is a passing glitz(vitamin C is for memory,and green veg,also vitamin K) love you and miss you-your Mum

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