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April 5th and February 24th 2010

March 1, 2013

 Left over from 2010 – a fragment

I gave up the project of trying to catch up with the Australia trip, and now I think I will interweave that transcribing project with diarising where and how I am right now (or at least those few minutes ago when I was out with the dogs) so this is becoming a kind of palimpsest.

Total transformation.  Sunny, warm and still today – just what the Berry should be about.  (yes – I know – it’s also about the deep winters and the veillées that we know from Célestine – which sound like great fun, but also point up how appallingly awful those winters must have been back in the nineteenth century).  But today feels like less effort – truly Spring.

April 2010

April 2010

And the ordinary seems extraordinary: here and there, peacock butterflies have freshly emerged, two large crows rise up glossy out of a huge old chestnut tree, banking and turning into the wood; a huge buzzard, glowing russet in the sunshine, wheels slowly through the mid-point of the sky.  I think of the crow skeleton and two feathers that lie by our vegetable patch.  I like it that it’s there – would it be gruesome to take a photo? Should I care if it is? The three ponies are in their field, keen for the carrots we have brought them (we: that is, the two dogs and me).  Bella as always tries to warn me of the great danger I am in near horses, by clustering close. Bandit is cool with it, waiting patiently for the walk to go forward.

21-04-10 Bandit

Later he stands stock still and looks with great attention across the field : three deer are crossing the winter wheat. We can see them as they move across the fields, almost invisible on the ploughed land except for the white tail-scuts, then they skirt the tiny village of le chézeau, and move carefully across a little track.  Two young fallow deer and their mother.

The Berry: 4th April

April 5, 2010

Bright sun igniting the green winter wheat;
above, a purple-grey pile of cloud.
On that sharp wind –
sleety rain any moment – now.

a man on a vast tractor, hedging roughly
flings sharp little stakes of hazel,
vicious, across the muddy path.
He pauses as we pass, and waves –
a young man.

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